Puente Hills Town Center

Retail Shopping Center in Rowland Heights, CA

Located on the SW corner of Colima Rd & Albatross Rd, the major retail throughfare in the area, Puente Hills Town Center draws and estimated 10,100 visits/day and 3.7M visits/year (based on Creditntell). The center is surrounded by an affluent community of 134,000+ people with an average household income of $104,000+ within 3 miles.


The redevelopment of the property has attracted multiple new retailers, such as a 20.5K +/- square foot Aldi grocery store, as well as Jersey Mike's Subs, Skechers, Five Below, and Bath & Body Works. By upgrading the facades, a significant section of the center's exterior will be enhanced.


Additional improvements include incorporating EV chargers into the project and upgrading modified tenant spaces to comply with ADA requirements.

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Photo of Thomas Rubio

Thomas Rubio

Project Director, Re/Development



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