Our Stakeholders

Who We Serve

Our properties serve an important role in the communities they serve, creating jobs and providing essential goods and services, as well as entertainment and space for communities to gather. We provide our tenants and their customers with inviting, safe, and attractive retail centers where they can meet, interact, and engage, both in stores and in public areas across our portfolio.
Employees cutting a ribbon with a "We Love Marco Island" banner behind them


Our centers host events year-round. Whether organized by Brixmor in partnership with tenants and communities, the events reflect the unique personality of each community. We support and encourage our employees to engage and connect with local municipalities, tenants, residents, and nonprofit organizations to partner in growth and well-being of the communities we serve.


The success of our company is highly dependent on the success of our tenants. As one of the largest open-air retail landlords in the United States, we support a broad mix of over 5,000 national and regional tenants and local entrepreneurs across the country, including many vibrant new retailers added to the portfolio over the past several years. Brixmor continually assess and tailors the resources we provide to tenants in order to provide timely, high-quality content, guidance, and support to our tenants.


Our focus on strong corporate governance is integrated with our value-add strategy and our commitment to driving long-term sustainable growth, providing best-in-class financial and ESG disclosures, and consistently engaging with our investors.  

Suppliers & Vendors

At Brixmor, we are centered on safety and expect the same commitment from our 3,000 trusted suppliers and vendor partners. Suppliers are required to affirm their support of Brixmor’s safety program and commit to the health and safety of their employees and the community by signing our Partner Engagement Pledge.