Short-Term/Pop Up Shop

Storefront of Spirit of Halloween in Brixmor shopping center

Brixmor Specialty Leasing: Perfect Timing

From inline pop up shops to advertising and parking lot events, Brixmor will help you find the perfect space at the perfect time, with lease options from one day to one year or more. 

You need to move fast. We do.

Superior speed to market means desirable available retail locations. Flexible and competitive retail rental structures. Quick short-term license agreements that get you up and open quickly. Ready? Done.

We’ve got you covered.

Brixmor delivers a nationwide inventory of over 400 shopping centers in 34 states, including top 50 MSAs like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston and Philadelphia. Multi-center deals. One point of contact. Easy.

Exciting Pop Up and Seasonal Spaces

Perfect short-term solutions for fashion and furniture, events, seasonal shops and professional services.

Expansive Outdoor Opportunities

From farmer’s markets to food trucks, car charging stations to carnivals, explore endless possibilities.

Effective Business Partnerships

Prime locations for advertising, ATMs, vending machines, sampling, sponsorships, film shoots and cell towers

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Short-Term/Pop Up Shop

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