Marco Town Center is Blooming

5/20/2022 | community connections

The beautiful landscaping you see at the newly redeveloped Marco Town Center is thanks to a brilliant collaboration between Property Manager Erica Bradley and the Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island. After the garden club contacted Erica about a flower sale on the property, she took the partnership one step further and asked the club to assist in designing the landscaping at the center.  The Calusa Garden Club was eager to assist, and the committee went to work providing designs in theme with the island life and even planted the plants as they beautifully activated the main courtyard area in front of Margarita’s Restaurant.  The results are beautiful! A huge thank you to the Calusa Garden Club of Marco Island and a big congratulations to Erica Bradley for winning the Our Center Is You Award for her innovative way of connecting the local community to Marco Town Center.

To learn more about Marco Town Center visit the link below.

Planters and Gardening at Marco Town Center

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