Reducing Our Impact

8/18/2022 | culture matters

As part of our newly published Climate Change Policy, we set an ambitious GHG emissions goal: Brixmor will achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2045 for areas under our operational control, with an interim target of reducing GHG emissions in these areas by 50% by 2030.

Our strategy to achieve this target includes: reducing our own direct energy consumption, procuring energy from renewable sources, and investing in on-site renewable energy projects. In 2021, we introduced solar projects at four properties, Carmen Plaza, Felicita Plaza, Felicita Town Center, and Ocean View Plaza, generating on-site renewable energy to be used at these centers by tenants and in common areas. In total, these projects raise our portfolio’s total system size to 6.72MW of capacity, with several additional projects currently in development and more being assessed across the portfolio.

To read more about how we are reducing our impact, visit links below.

Graphic on Greenhouse Gas Emission decrease through 2021

Additional Resources