Stewart Plaza

Retail Shopping Center in Garden City, New York

Located in the epicenter of Long Island’s retail corridor and across from the country’s tenth largest mall, Stewart Plaza has an extensive market reach of up to 8 miles with a densely populated trade area of more than 550,000 people.  This affluent population has an average household income of $114,000, exceeding the national average by 44%.  Close proximity to three colleges, with combined enrollment of 40,000 students, further drives traffic to this highly visible and accessible open air center.  The current anchor Burlington Stores is one of the retail chain’s best performing stores.   

The redevelopment will right-size Burlington Stores to 64,000 square feet, accommodating the addition of a new 75,000-square-foot Floor & Décor.  Plus, the center will undergo a façade renovation, parking lot upgrades and pylon sign enhancements.

Rendering of corner tower at Stewart Plaza

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William Greimel

VP, Re/Development


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