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If you are a media representative and cannot find the information you need on this website, you may wish to contact one of our media relations professionals. Below are contact numbers and email addresses.


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Usage Rights

The images posted on this portion of Brixmor’s website are available only for editorial use by press agencies, journalists, and students in connection with broadcast media and newspaper, news magazine, trade publication, and educational articles about Brixmor and its properties. Any other use of these images is strictly prohibited. Under no circumstances may these images be used for any personal or commercial purposes.View full terms and conditions for the Image Library section.



Keith Bridge Commons
Cumming, GA

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Brooksville Square
Brooksville, FL

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Victory Square
Savannah, GA 

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Trader Joe's

Annex of Arlington
Arlington Heights, IL

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Ulta Beauty

Coastal Way - Coastal Landing
Brooksville, FL

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Branding Guidelines

These standards have been produced as a comprehensive guide to the implementation and maintenance of the Brixmor visual identity program.

The visual identity consists of a set of graphic elements: the wordmark and corporate color. The consistent application of these elements will create a uniform corporate style, which clearly and accurately supports the company’s identity.

The specification and directives accompanying each item must be strictly adhered to in order to achieve consistency. No deviation, however small, should be made from these standards.

Guidelines for additional corporate branding applications will be added on an ongoing basis. If there are no specifications in this manual for a particular requirement then a proof or layout must be submitted to:

Senior Vice President, Marketing Brixmor

The wordmark may only be used as part of or in close proximity to a published article, educational report, or broadcast news story about Brixmor and its properties. The trademarks and logos may not be copied or distributed apart from the applicable article or broadcast. You may not redistribute the logos in hard copy or electronic form for others to use or copy. Should you wish to use the logo for purposes other than mentioned above, send a request to with a written explanation of your intent in usage of the logo. You may not modify the form, color or design of any logos. You may not animate or otherwise distort the appearance of any logos. You may not cut off or cover up any portion of the logos. The logos must stand-alone and should not be combined with any other logos, elements or designs. Please use the trademark symbol “TM” immediately following the first or most prominent use of any logo.

The Brixmor wordmark must appear in the one configuration only.

The Brixmor wordmark is designed to be used as one unit, not as separate letterforms or elements. The letterform "Brixmor" have been hand-drawn specifically for the company; therefore, you cannot substitute a typeface for them. The logo/typeface have been specifically configured, and cannot be altered or redrawn.

The proportions of the graphic element should remain unaltered.

The Brixmor Logo must be clearly legible at all times.

Proper trademarks and credit lines must be used with Brixmor wordmark. The Brixmor logo is a registered trademark of Brixmor both in the United States and internationally.