We believe in delivering sustainable growth for our stakeholders through a relentless focus on the environmental, social and economic well-being of our company, our tenants, our properties and the communities we serve.

Be a Committed & Responsible Employer

Impact Areas
  • Provide a dynamic, thriving & rewarding work environment
  • Employee engagement
  • Training & development
  • Health & well-being
  • Sound governance
  • Community service opportunities
  • Connectivity – Encourage employees to strengthen peer relationships and advance professional development through programs such as BRX Connect and use of technology
  • Growth – Provide opportunities for all employees to facilitate personal and professional development through Big Brain Days led by outside experts in a variety of fields
  • Engagement – Expand and facilitate connection with local communities in a personal way through participation in Service Days with at least 75% of employees volunteering in a charitable activity by 2022
  • Health – Support employees and their families through a comprehensive health and well-being program

Have a Positive Impact within our Local Communities

Impact Areas
  • Direct environmental impact
  • Job creation
  • Connectivity and accessibility
  • Resource usage
  • Provide public spaces that host events to strengthen connectivity with local communities
  • Support alternative transportation by installing electric vehicle charging stations at 25% of the portfolio by 2025
  • Improve energy and greenhouse gas efficiency by 25% by 2025 as compared to the baseline
  • Continue to expand conservation programs to reduce our water consumption 15% by 2025 as compared to the baseline
  • Establish a partnership with a charitable organization to support veterans and their families across the United States
  • Complete LED lighting upgrades for all properties by 2025

Strengthen Partnerships with Tenants

Impact Areas
  • Tenant health and growth
  • Tenant satisfaction/retention
  • Indirect environmental impact
  • Platform for national retailers
  • Enhance tenant relationships across multiple disciplines including operations, leasing, administration and accounting
  • Increase participation in tenant engagement survey to 50% by 2022, with a goal of 90% of tenants rating Brixmor as meets or exceeds expectations 
  • Partner with tenants on innovations to better connect with customers through initiatives such as online order pickup and marketing through demographic data analytics
  • Continue to expand our green lease clauses
  • Help retailers open quicker and operate more efficiently through proactive tenant coordination support
  • Expand on-site renewable energy generation program to 15 megawatts by 2022
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